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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  November 18, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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it's the little moments. that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions. the world's coolest indoor waterparks. now open in the pocono mountains. start exploring at we begin this noon with the latest in france. a violent raid in an apartment near paris where police believe the alleged masterminds behind the terror attacks was hiding. good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. now, two suspect have died, including a woman, who blew herself up after police stormed in. seven others were arrested. gunfire and explosions could be heard throughout the night in paris during the seven hour
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stand-off. officials are still trying to id the suspect who were killed. meantime, isis has released photo of the bomb that says was used to bring down the russian passenger plane last month in egypt. that will killed more than 200 people. correspondent jonathan with the latest from france. >> heavy gunfire and explosions rocked the paris suburb. swat teams hit an apartment building looking for the mastermind of the terror attacks. >> heard some explosions, four, five explosions, and then they opened the door and they heard gunshots, many, many gunshots. >> surveillance, eyewitness accounts, led police to believe that may be hiding in the building, police arrested seven people, but have not said if they caught the belgium millitant accused of planning the attacks. team people killed that lasted four hours including woman mo blew heff self up with a suicide vest. residents were jolted awake. >> this man says his son was screaming as he hid under the
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bed. >> a poor suburb of paris with large muslim community, it is also near the national soccer stadium, when one of the six sites terrorists targeted french president francois hollande, said his nation is at war against terrorism. the french police have conducted more than 400 searches since sunday seized dozens of weapons n paris, mourners are still crowding makeshift memorials to pay tribute to the victims. >> definitely a feeling that things aren't quite the same. and i think will take time. >> french government now says all 129 people killed in friday's terror attack have been identified. jonathan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". meanwhile, turkey's state run news agency says eight people are being held at istambul's main airport. authorities suspect their islamic state bull tans, posing at refugees, meantime
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obama administration makes plans to federally increase the number of refugees accepted into the us over the next two years. more than half of us governors on the to plans to resettle syrian refugees in the u.s. >> the two air france flights flying from the us to paris got the all clear after being diverted due to anonymous threats last night. searches found no devices on either plane. the threats did force air france 55, which took off from dullos international outside washington to land in hellifax, nova scocia air france six of a landed in salt lake city. passengers got off both plans safely. and remember to stay with "eyewitness news" for the latest development surrounding the attacks in paris. we have updates on tv and on line at a woman was rescued overnight as flames swallowed up her home in overbrook. a family next-door was able to get out safely, but officials say they can't go back home because the damage was just too great. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch has more from the
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scene. >> from the basement bottom to the rooftop, fire filled this 3-story overbrook house, on the 6100 block of west columbia. >> i heard the glass break. >> homeowner tiffany booker said she was rescued from her living room before the burning got bad. >> guy around the corner, he was hollering, saying something is on fire, and he would try to get me out of there. but i didn't see if i just heard the glass break, and then there was a lot of smoke. >> off camera next-door neighbors tell "eyewitness news" their smoke alarms woke them up. count eight resident as displaced, about 1:23 a.m. firefighter got the call pulling up with four engines and ladders, once inside, crews battled the blaze from both houses focusing on shared fire wall. within one hour the fire was under control, and though the burning house collapsed, the adjoining home was mostly saved, though the city deems it unsafe. one firefighter was treated for signs of exhaustion, two cats, and two turtles also
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rescued and are safe. the shear heat of this fire actually caused the vinyl siding on the next-door home to melt. and as you can see here, hours after the fire crews are remaining on scene to douse potential hot spots inside. in overbrook, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". chopper three over a police presence at methacton high school in eagleville. officers were called there around 7:00 a.m. after someone off campus made a threat against a student inside. the school was placed on a temporary lock-out which meant that no one was allowed to either enter the school during the investigation. one suspect was taken into custody, the lock-out has since been lifted. well, weather wise, in a bit after transition, cloudy wednesday, that signals change is on the way. welcoming back katie fehlinger, at least the rain held off for this morning. >> absolutely, yes, very happy i came back to relatively quiet and actually very mild weather day here, for mid november. this is not bad t does feel comfortable outside. yep, i would suggest extra
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layer for sure, we are once again expecting daytime highs to spike to the low to mid 068's. not terrible for the standards, only usually mid 50's at best this time of year. that will definitely is a positive, right? , you mentioned things are about to change, let's take a look first and for most here, how it is going on storm scan at the local little. clouds have gun to bill owe in, do generally expect drier day, further northwest you travel, lehigh valley, bucks county, for example, you might see quick shower, later on today, and specially into tonight, and that's as a result of the approach of this guy, huge storm system, that has caused blizzard conditions, in colorado, severe weather in the deep south, thankfully not tracking anywhere near that kind of a scenario. but it will be the sog yes, sir day of the forecast tomorrow. come tomorrow, we are going to start to see that wet weather move in. hint of shower, for later today, for you on future weather, but really it is tomorrow that i highly suggest you bring along some women weather gear. you will thank yourself. essentially all day event in the form of heavy ran and some
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gusty wind. take a look philly, not bad. 61 degrees out at philadelphia international airport, still holding tough mid 40's up in the poconos, for them that's not bad at all. should top off low 50's there. as we mention late day shower, certainly very likely up that way. but it should be somewhat scattered in nature. here if philadelphia like we mention already into the 60s, expect to stay somewhat steady the rest of the afternoon, despite more clouds, erika, not bad day. tomorrow though things are about to change. >> at least we have today, katie, thank you. >> absolutely. >> view of philadelphia, like never before. soon you will be able to see stunning views of the city from more than 50 floors up at one liberty place. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo takes you to the top of the brand new observation deck. >> fifty-seven floors up, and 883 feet above street level, this is philly from the top. >> it is powerful. humans love views, whether sitting on the coastline, enjoying expansive view, or sitting in a elevated position
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on a mountain top or top of sky scraper. >> one liberty observation deck is philadelphia's newest and tallest attraction. alontime coming for general manager, evan evans. >> in philadelphia needed one for very long time. >> with its 360 degrees unobstructed view, sky high attraction just about ready for it debut, but "eyewitness "s news" got tour before it november 28th grand opening. the signs inside the shops at liberty place are just installed and point you in the right direction. this is a discontinuingly philly experience, and you can feel that as soon as you step foot inside. the entrance to the attraction is actually here, on the second floor, where you can easily see, the size 59 shoes of ben franklin. after 75 second express elevator ride philadelphia welcomes you to the top. >> walk around the entire deck looking at city hall from here is a spectacular view. see all the way to trenton on day like today. we wanted to expose not only the locals but visitors what philadelphia is all about. >> with audio nod to philly
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sports ... e-a-g-l-e-s ... along with the philadelphia beat, one liberty observation deck does just that. celebrating the sites, the art, and the culture, of the city of brotherly love. in center city, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". still ahead this noon, who is the sexiest manna life? people magazine has made its choice. we'll tell you coming up. >> also, a lot of people take diet and work out supplement, now the justice department is bringing criminal and civil charges against two dietary supplement manufacturers, what the feds claim they did wrong next. >> and this looks like something out after cartoon, right? pen wins making a break for it from the zoo. cute and cudley. more video when
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>> following breaking news, chopper three live over accident on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike in malvern. two vehicles collided in a work zone between the route 29 and downingtown exits. one vehicle flipped on it side, but it was just uprighted. at least one person has been taken to the hospital. no word right now on a condition. traffic is back up for about 2 miles, as only one lane gets by. the justice department has brought criminal and civil charges against two dietary supplement manufacturers, the indictment names six executives with dallas-based usp labs, and anaheim based sk laboratories. the companies responsible for top selling work out and weight loss supplement.
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jack and objection i elite pro. prosecutors say the company's doctor paperwork and labels could make it appear the products contained a natural plant extract when in fact they actually contained a chemical manufactured in china. objection i elite pro has been on the shelves -- have been off shelves since 2013 when it was recalled for links to liver failure. last tuesday, montgomery county man became a multi-millionaire after winning the world series of poker. twenty-four year old joe mckeown now back from vaguest, $7.6 million richer. he beat out five other at the final table to earn that title and led from start to finish. now, joe often wore philly sports jerseys at the table. i asked him why he decided to do that. >> just like jerseys. i like philly sports. i want them to do better. they got to step their game up. but i was out there like to represent my city so a jersey seemed like no brain tow me. >> there you go. we pretty much agree there,
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philly teams need to do little better. hopefully some of his luck will rub off. art for the money joe says he's honestly not sure what he will do with it. >> no island, no pony, just not quite sure. >> do you know a college student ready to graduate? we have good news for them coming up in today's job report. >> also, he is a country music star and a hero. hear how blake sheldon saved four men stuck in a dirty situation. katy? >> erika, as we mention, things are about to change in the weather department. not only are we going to start to see a much soggier outlook, but temperatures are about to take a tumble. we will break everything down, time everything out for you, all coming up on the other side. stick around.
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>> oh, it is so great to welcome you back, home with your beautiful girls, you gist say you missed them. longest you've been away from them. >> first day back to work, what, 11 hour stretch i'm gone from them. >> you will be home soon. you brought some photos? let's go ahead, take a look, so this is when we were still camped out in the hospital, kaeden had to stay three week, slow was two week old picture, we were reading no more monkey jumping on the bed, that one, classic, classic. this is baby's first penn state game. >> i love it. are those little football helmets? >> exactly, little footballs, little football helmets, those up at the top are penn state bing i's interest hug i bear, so we had to put that in there. and this is one of the best outfits. >> one of my favorites, yes, so we're apple mack people, copy, command, v, pace. >> so copy pace. >> love it. >> and my favorite part is
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that they actually holding hands there. >> awe. >> was that your doing? >> i swear they did it on their own. probably my runner up most favorite picture right now, baby first halloween. so bag of hall's lose inning ers, and a can of quaker oats. >> is that parker in the oats? >> parker is oats. >> you were saying she wasn't terribly thrilled with her cylinder? >> wasn't digging it all that much. but coy go for that. get it? >> oats. >> that can do. >> temple made. >> a door it, well done. great halloween costumes. and at least the weather is knott horrible on your first day back. >> best way to put t nice mild day all things considered, does feel pretty comfortable outside, but things are about ready to change, so at least one day to sort of get back into the groove of things, and, you know, settle into this weather pattern. it will be very significant storm system that moves through our area, but it has certainly already left behind a lot of not just severe weather but also snow, won't see any that far thankfully, but certainly going to get our fair share. so go ahead, get you outside,
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show you what's happening first and for most, yes, clouds are starting to bill owe in here. that is really more than anything courtesy of the warmfront that's lifting in here. so while we're not going to see too much moisture out of it as we had mention earlier in the show, probably get stray shower off to the north and west, this is about the worse of it, it is kind after gray day out there, we started off with a nice sunrise, but that has since started to go by the wayside because this storm is creeping ever closer. we showed you the wide zoom earlier, as well, notice, that rain, pounding down, across central kentucky tennessee, all headed our way drawing upon that southern moisture, out in the leading edge the frontal boundary that could men we also have few embedded thunderstorms. at least not winter, am i right? eight days left until thanksgiving, winter countdown, 12 days until the average high drops down to 50, right now about 55, and the average, average, is the key word, first snowfall, 22 days away. boy is that going to fly. future rain and the, though, talking strictly rainout of the next weather maker beginning as early as later on tonight. but again tomorrow's the
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action day. i would say even as we're starting to go, you know, off the air at 7:00 a.m., on cbs-3 in the morning, we are going to very likely already be tracking some rain at the local level t could end up easily being over an inch. so, depending which model you believe it, could even be bit more than that, down toward atlantic city bit of bull's eye as of late. here is how it times out. we mention 7:00 a.m. start to see things pick up possibly little sooner in the west most suburbs, steadiest of the rain though through the daylight hours, so, probably the worse timing possible in just in time for the evening drive no less. but for the rest of today, anything in the way of wet weather is stray. need the umbrella, absolutely not. 63 degrees we drop you back down to 56 later tonight, not terribly chilly and we can expect to see that heavier rain move on in for us as we head into tomorrow. so 67, nice and mild out there. but we are expecting those temperatures to start to drop off friday and into the weekend, erika, back over to you.
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>> has to feel like fall at some point. time to check your philadelphia job market report. cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger good news for college student getting ready to graduate. >> college student can be more thankful than ever this year. their chan cents of lands ago job after graduation are looking up. the employment outlook for new graduates, pretty ugly recently, but according to new survey from the collegiate employment research institute at the university of michigan, hiring will likely increase by 15% next year. there appear to be two big factors driving employment. company growth, and employee turn over. some areas are prime to hire more than others. the construction industry, which dried up during the recession, is looking to up hiring of graduates by 19%. k in 12 teach remembers demand, hirings are brighter than they've been in a decade. other hot fields include financial and insurance businesses, area owe space automotive defense related industries, truck transportation, and internet
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accounting and computer services. finally the survey reports that non-profits, which have been the mainstay of college hiring for much of the past 15 years, will continue to grow. but thanks to increased competition from other industries, hiring will only climb 5% in 2016. i'm jill schlessinger, for cbs-3, "eyewitness
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>> ditched beckman, sexiest manna life. calls it huge honor, but not sure he deserves the title. common. beckham takes the crown from last year's winner actor chris hemsworth. maybe honor ukee, huge soccer star, indeed. >> i love it. >> also, country star blake chelten played hero over the weaken, came to the aid of four men whose truck got stuck in the mud. sheldon first arrived his truck could not get the vehicle out of the mud, so he came up with another plan. >> they decided he would set me back by 15 minute, so about 15, 20 minute later, he came back, pulled him out. >> what a guy. shows one his tractor. this is not the first time sheldon has helped a neighbor in need. during the summer floods he rescued a man who was strand in the waist deep water. great guy. >> and finally this noon,
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possibly the cutest video you will see all day or all week. look at this, penguins trying to he is kate the zoo. zoo keep nerves denmark up loathed in the to youtube. those penguins waddling down a walkway. handlers were hit on their trail when they hit a deadened. this is too much. the zoo keepers wandered perhaps our penguins have seen the penguins of madagascar, little wet footprint. >> and would have gotten away with it, too. >> cute and cudley, boys. >> too hilarious. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm erika von tiehl, for katie so happy to have you back. >> so great to be back. >> thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 and always on line at the young and the restless is coming up next. >> ♪
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>> jack: since our third-floor tenants have moved out, i've allotted that space to the newman executive team. >> billy: i like it. far enough away not to bug us or interfere. >> jack: and near enough we can keep an eye on victor. just extending a helping hand doesn't mean we trust him. ashley's right. we need to monitor his every move. >> ashley: well, i'm glad we agree, since you made this offer without first consulting me. >> jack: which you've reminded me several times since breakfast. >> billy: hey, i really appreciate you signing off on this, sis. >> ashley: i'm gonna keep my eye on both of you. now that you've put this in motion, you'd better be nice hosts. >> billy: well, i got here early to make sure the cleaning was all done and the wi-fi's set up with a secure partition so they can't look in, and neither can we. all newman has to do now is show up and plug in. >> ashley: well, that's a surprise, you rolling out the red carpet for him. >> victor: what is this nonsense with a red carpet on the third floor? that joint hasn't been redone


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